Chrominance by Lee Webster

On the opening night, December 1st, dark and open, the Powder Room was hushed as visitors experienced Lee Webster’s show Chrominance at the Powder Room. Though simple with only three video works on display, the show was absolutely mesmerizing.

Through working with her mother’s appearance on the ABC game show Dream House, Webster explored the wonders and advancements of television and film. When first entering the gallery, my attention was immediately drawn towards the endless loop of opening multicolored  curtains in the video titled Chrominance. Though I only realized how short the loop was--only a minute and a half--after consulting the work list, I must have watched the loop at least 10 times.. The video Lime Light on the opposing wall of the gallery also left me in a trance. Slowly spinning in the dark in high contrast light, Webster’s long flowing blonde hair (a wig, which I wish I owned), fluttered ever so slightly around her barely visible but emotional face. Last, the only video with sound, April 1, used footage from the 1968 television show, Dreamhouse. I stood there watching the ever-changing collage of images and colors and sound, pulsing as if it had a heartbeat, making the once black and white show come even more to life.

Webster’s show Chrominance, in my opinion, was highly successful with its ability to hold viewers’ attentions so captivatingly. (Let me know where you got that blonde wig!)


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-Emmett Donlon